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Download a complimentary copy of our latest software to upgrade your system or view the capabilities of SPECTECH products. Many of the programs may be run without the instrument and sample data is included for loading.

LabVIEW Drivers, ST160, ST260, ST360, ST370 and UCS30

    Software for Macintosh Products. ST150m, ST160, ST350m, ST360, UCS-10, UCS-20, UCS-30

    ST150 Nuclear Lab Station Software for PC.

    ST160 Nuclear Lab Station Software for PC

    ST250 Ratemeter Software for PC

    ST260 Ratemeter Software for PC

    ST350 Radiation Counter Software for PC

    ST360 Radiation Counter Software for PC

    ST370 Radiation Counter

    ICS-10 Integrated Computer Spectrometer Software

    ICS-PCI Integrated Computer Software

    STX Java Application for ST160, ST360 and ST370

    UCS-20 Universal Computer Spectrometer Software

    UCS-30 Universal Computer Spectrometer Software (UCS30v2_10_7.exe)

    Lost your instruction manual? Need an extra copy? The following documents require Acrobat Reader for viewing.

    Instrument Manuals

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