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Troubleshooting E-mail Order Form

If you have problems in sending the E-mail Order Form to Sales@SpectrumTechniques.com, try the following:
1) Have you upgraded to the latest edition of Internet Explorer? (To make Google Chrome or Firefox work, see here.)
2) Do you have Adobe Acrobat, version 9 or higher, installed on your computer? If no, do you have the latest edition of Adobe Reader installed?
3) Your Email Order Form should look the screen capture, below, when using Adobe Reader. (If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your system, the top bar will be Red instead of Green.)

If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, click here to bypass their built-in PDF viewers and use an Adobe product.

If you do not see the Submit Form or have other problems- please contact webmaster

What You Should See with Adobe Reader

Screen shot of what you should see when you select the EMAIL PURCHASE ORDER form and have Adobe Reader installed.

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