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Radioisotope Sources & Information

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NOTE: All sources are +/- 20% nominal activity; +/- 5% activity calibration for gamma sources is available at extra charge. See here. Contact us for pricing or additional information.

International Shipping Regulations and limits of Activity
Click here

Radioactive sources are available in a wide range of isotopes covering Alpha, Beta and Gamma emissions. These sources are exempt from USNRC and State licensing and present no special storage or disposal requirements.

Activities are selected to produce sufficient count-rate to check survey meters or conduct most nuclear science experiments in normal lab periods using standard Geiger Mueller counters or scintillation detectors, yet low enough so as not to present any radiation hazard.

Sources are available sealed in one inch diameter plastic discs, in a variety of test tube sizes, or as needle sources for use with cloud chambers. Laminated disk and credit card source are now available as NEW products.

Custom activities and packaging are available on special order.

Gamma source may be ordered calibrated for an additional fee.

How to Dispose of Exempt Sources - FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS

 1) Disposal Service, Click here (PDF Document) 2) USNRC Rule for Disposal of Exempt Sources, Click here (PDF Document)

Source Certificates

Several types of source certificates are available for an additional fee. All certificates must by ordered at the same time the source is ordered. Contact Spectrum Techniques for pricing. Email


Certificate of Origin: Certifies that the product is manufactured in Oak Ridge Tennessee, Anderson County, United State of America. click to see sample copy


Certificate of Compliance: Certifies that the source is in compliance with US NRC and DOT regulation and that the surface has been wipe tested.  click to see sample copy


Certificate of Calibration: Certifies that the source has been calibrated, lists intensity,  emission and uncertainty.  click to see sample copy (NOTE: Our current Mixed Gamma Standard is SRS: 80899-854)

  Isotope Generator
  Disc & Laminated Sources
  Needle Sources
  Tube Sources for Well Crystals
  Radioactive Decay Data

USNRC Product Information Sheet for Radioisotopes - Some customers have requested MSDS sheets; this is the only sheet available and authorized for sources. Click here

Radioisotope product line from Spectrum Techniques, here

NOTE: The following countries are known to require prior approval from their local or national radiation control authorities to receive sources from Spectrum Techniques*.
Canada, values greater than IAEA exempt quantity limits
Hong Kong
Macao (China)
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka

* Source of information: ICAO / IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, 55th Edition, Jan 1 Dec 31, 2014

NRC 30.18 Exempt quantities (narrative)
NRC 30.71 Schedule B Exempt Quantity Radionuclide Regulations (Table)

Note: For both Domestic and International Source Orders - Activities of gamma emitters over 5 to 10 uCi MAY require lead shielding, either LSD1, LSD4 or LSD5. If required, the lead shield and appropriate price will be added to your order.

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