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ST400 Scintillation Processor

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The model ST400 Scintillation Processor provides a versatile and convenient interface between many types of scintillation detectors and most commercial Multichannel Analyzers. The instrument provides high voltage to power the photomultiplier tube, a preamplifier, an amplifier with adjustable gain and an amplifier input for use with existing external preamplifiers. Packaging is in a fully shielded metal bench top enclosure. Low voltage AC power is supplied from a wall transformer which complies with most international electrical safety standards and is available in 115VAC and 230 VAC versions. For operator convenience, all controls and indicators are mounted on the front of the instrument. Separate MHV and SHV connectors are included for the high voltage to allow direct connector to most types of scintillation tube bases and external preamplifiers.

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Coarse Gain: X2 to X64.

Fine Gain: X.5 to X1.5, 10-turn locking potentiometer.

High Voltage: Positive, 200V to 1200V, 1mA maximum current. 10-turn locking potentiometer. Preamplifier Input: BNC connector, sensitivity 20mV/pC. Accepts negative polarity anode signal. Amplifier Input: BNC connector. Accepts positive polarity pulses from preamplifier. High Voltage Output: MHV and SHV connectors.

Amplifier Output: BNC connector, bipolar signal 0-10V positive lobe, 1.5µsec. peaking time. Indicators: Activity, High Voltage, AC power.

Power: 16VAC, 1 Amp. Max.

Power Supply: 115 VAC 60Hz to 16VAC supplied with unit. Optional 230VAC, 50Hz available on special order. Dimensions: 9.5W x 9D x 2.5H in.

Weight: 6 lb. with power transformer. 8 lb. shipping weight.

Ordering Information.

ST400 Scintillation Processor, 115 or 230VAC (Specify).

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