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Tube & Rod Sources for Well Crystals

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NRC 30.18 Exempt quantities (narrative)
NRC 30.71 Schedule B Exempt Quantity Radionuclide Regulations (Table)
  MSDS/Data Sheet for Sources
We now offer a selection of exempt quantity gamma sources encapsulated in standard size test tubes or rods for use with well type radiation detectors.

These sources are exempt sources and of nominal activity. The isotope is deposited as a point source in the bottom of the tube and is then sealed with epoxy.


tubesources.jpg (20808 bytes)
Two tube sizes are stocked as standard, 13x100mm and 12x75mm, which is shipped as the standard if the other size is not specified. Rods are available as 5" x 0.375" -which will be shipped as the standard if the 0.5" diameter rod is not specified and 5" x 0.5".

 Activity for Test Tube and Rod sources is recommended at 0.1 uCi.

NOTE: All sources are +/- 20% nominal activity; +/- 5% activity calibration for gamma sources is available at extra charge. See here. Contact us for pricing or additional information.

Higher activity sources to be used in a well detector may cause the detector to give false data or multiple peaks.

Other activities are available on special order up to the maximum  NRC Exempt Quantities. Please contact factory for available activity and cost.

Tube and rod sources may be order as Calibrated against the NIST Mixed Gamma Standard, SRM 4275C-125 for an additional, nominal charge.

Isotopes may be selected from the following table. Order by the model number, under either Tube or Rod source.





Energies (keV)









10.7 years

81.0, 276.3, 303.7, 355.9, 383.7




453 days





270 days

122.1, 136.4




5.27 years

1173.2, 1332.5




30.1 years

32, 661.6




312 days





2.6 years





244 days


How to Dispose of Exempt Sources - FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS

 1) Disposal Service, Click here (PDF Document) 2) USNRC Rule for Disposal of Exempt Sources, Click here (PDF Document)

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