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Download Student/Teacher/Spectroscopy Manuals
Student manual         - Offers a wide range of experiments using GM counters and accessories. Revised for 2014.

Teacher's guide        - A valuable resource for instructor providing insight into GM experiments. Revised for 2014.

Spectroscopy Lab Manual  - Experiments using Scintillation Detectors for Spectroscopy.

Signal Combiner Box


The SC100 Signal Combiner Box enables the use of a dual cable NaI detector with the ST160, ST360 and ST370 line of computer-controlled counters. Connectors include an MHV Detector High Voltage Input, BNC Signal Detector Input (both from the NaI detector) and an MHV ST360 Scintillation Input to the counter.

Signal Combiner Box
 Canadian customers with questions about exempt sources

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Licensing Division

280 Slater Street
P.O. Box 1046
Station B
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5S9


The toll-free line to our Division is 1-888-229-2672 and the general e-mail box is licensees@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca.  

Inquiries to the e-mail or phone number will be distributed to a member of the licensing staff for response.
How to Dispose of Exempt Sources - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY

1) Disposal Service, Click here (PDF Document)
2) USNRC Rule for Disposal of Exempt Sources, Click
here (PDF Document)

New information on Radioisotope Sources
  •  Countries requiring prior approval before we can ship sources to that country
  • International regulations controlling radioisotope activities
  • Special sources and source sets for International Customers

Click here


Letter to International Customers concerning Cesium 137 (Cs137) Sources

Click here


International orders shipped by Freight Forwarder must only be shipped to customer's or broker's country of destination airport.

Due to stricter security, International shipping regulations for radioactive sources have changed. It is becoming more difficult to deliver door to door. Most countries will no longer allow transportations of radioactive material by common carriers from the airport to a street address.

Source orders to Spectrum Techniques must be assigned and picked up at the airport by you or your representative. To meet these new requirements, orders containing radioactive material (UN2910 Radioactive material, excepted package - limited quantity of material) will only be shipped airport to airport. We will ship Hold At Airport to either you or to your broker’s attention. The goods must be picked up in a reasonable time; otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost of packages returned to Spectrum Techniques. All fees at the airport will be the customer's responsibility; this includes storage, duties, and other fees associated with the package entering country of destination.

When placing your source orders with us, please supply the following information for the representative that will pick up the package(s) at the airport.

(1) Company name

(2) Contact name and

(3) Contact phone number

(4) Any other relevant information


A Review and Overview of the Spectrum Techniques UCS30
Tom Watson of Anti-Proton.com had tested the UCS30 and gives a great overview of the features of the instrument on this YouTube video. (If you are having trouble setting up or using your UCS30, you may want to watch this video!)


Go to the Anti-Proton page on web site for more videos! Click here


Exploring Compton Scattering
Shanni R. Prutchi and David Prutchi, Ph.D.
Used by permission of the authors.

Examine the particle nature of light that won Dr. Arthur Compton of Washington University the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927.

Click here to view this elegant and simple experiment


Featured Laboratory
Missouri University Research Reactor

See how they teach Nuclear Engineering’s Radiation Detection and Measurement and Chemistry’s Radiochemistry combined classes using Spectrum Techniques instrumentation.

Diffusion Cloud Chamber


Watch product demonstration

This is a practical application from Physics Enterprises using Spectrum Techniques' Alpha Needle Sources


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